The BREEAM Toolbox enables you to calculate the BREEAM rating of your projects. Both new build and in-use projects can be managed with the BREEAM Toolbox. The Toolbox is in development, check this site regularly for updates. The first tools will be made available in English, this goes for In-Use and NewBuild.


About the BREEAM Toolbox

The AssementTool is a Toolbox that assists you in the BREEAM assessment method to describe the environmental performance of a building. The assessment of both new and existing buildings can be managed with this toolbox. Fill in every detail of your project and see how it impacts the BREEAM rating.

Developed by DGBC

The Dutch Green Building Council developed the AssessmentTool and have been using it for several years now. The number of projects in the assessmenttool are -x- and rising. DGBC has great expertise in the BREEAM assessment method and experience in IT tooling. For more information on the AssessmentTool please contact